Thursday, November 4, 2010

I will cut my own cheese!

Exhibit A: Mainland Cracker Cuts. 

Exhibit B: Western Society.

This post is to simply convey how absolutely flabbergasted I am at this product. The other night, Mr W and I were curled up on the couch watching an episode of a new favourite, Iron Chef, when our eyes were assaulted during an ad break by Mainland’s new product – Cracker Cuts. I could see Mr W in my peripheral vision, he looked nervous and fidgety like he’d just said something that he shouldn’t have, but it was also the same look that he gets when he knows that I am going to explode at something so offensive that everything in a three meter radius will cop it. He sat 30cm from me. Oh, like when one of our blessed corporate consumer giants continue to enable our growing ever-laziness by creating “products” that they hock for exorbitant prices in the hope that one day we will all become slobbering, dependant vegetables.

I mean, COME ON. How long does it actually take to cut up a slice of cheese for a cracker??

In all honesty, I can say that I do understand the concept of pre prepared Cheese Slices as slicing cheese is a skill to be learned and can be quite arduous for those of us with spindly arms and low quality knives. But Cracker Cuts?? Are we that lazy? Are we that put out at the thought of having to cut our slice of cheese into four squares to be placed upon our four crackers? Are we really going to pay a company to cut our cheese slice in four?

I certainly am not and I urge you to stand up and proudly say “I will cut my own cheese!

Wherever you are – Do it now.


  1. I had the exact same thoughts when I saw this ad - hubby on the other hand thought it was a great idea - but then the man can't seem to be able to butter his own toast without proclaiming how much of an inconvenience it is o I guess that's their target market right there..

  2. haha, Mr W read your comment and said he would gladly buy pre-buttered bread!


  3. This actually serves a really good purpose. They serve them at cafeterias and on planes, it's a good way to avoid the muffins etc and eat something instant that actually has some nutritional value. There are a lot worse products being developed.

  4. Bwahahah I work for the company that makes the packaging for these. They've just done a complete re-design.
    I must say the new design looks very pretty.

    Unfortunately, my philosophies on food are the complete opposite of the company I work for. They promote the longest shelf life and protection for perishables - whereas I say buy it fresh and eat it fresh.

    But hey, they wouldn't release such a costly line if there wasn't a market for it. And the more complicated packaging you wrap it in, the more expensive the final product is. 100g of this stuff probably costs 3x as much as buying it in block form.

    Do you know we made packaging for pre-prepared, microwave steamable BROCCOLI? You didn't even need to take it out of the tray or wash it - just bang in the microwave and it's done.
    How hard is it to cut and steam broccoli???

    This stuff keeps me in a job but it does raise some crazy questions. And I'm very happy to be on the side of the fence that leaves me more aware of what goes on in the supermarket food industry.